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Born 1961, New York, NY

1997 M.F.A. Cranbrook Art Academy, Bloomfield Hills, MI
1994 B.F.A. NY State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, NY

Selected Exhibitions:
2000-02 SOFA/NY, Loveed Fine Arts, NY, NY / 2002 Spirit Stones 2, Detroit Contemporary, Detroit, MI / 2001 Spirit Stones 1, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL / 1999 Peace Warriors & Swords, Ploughshare Gallery, Detroit MI / 1998 Penelope’s Dream, Pebawic Pottery, Detroit, MI / Dream Fossils, University of Liggit, Grosse Ponte, MI / 1995 Illuminations, University of Pittsburgh, Hanley Gallery, Bradford, PA

Selected Collections:

Wells College, Aurora, NY / Timothy Mast, Bloomfield Hills, MI / David McKain & Margaret Gibson, Providence, RI / Victoria & Richard Mackenzie-Childs Ltd., Aurora, NY / Richard Rollins, Bloomfield Hills, MI / Robert & Jane Saltonstall Jr., Concord, MA / Ray Zimmermam, Bloomfield Hills, MI / Lillian Hellmam, Ny, NY / Longhouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY / Comissions: Portrait Sculpture, David McKain; nominated for 1992 Pullitzer Prize Award / Portrait Sculpture, Margerate Gibson; nominated for 1993 Pullitzer Prize Award / Portrait Sculpture, B.S. Skinner; Cambridge Center for Behavorial Studies, Cambridge, MA / Portrait Sculpture, George Orwell, American Privacy Foundation, Wellesly, MA

Selected Publications:

Ceramic Review, “Divine Light,” Paul Spence, June 2001, p.32 / “She Spreads Peace with her Pieces,” Detroit Free Press, Keri Cohen, p.3 / “Large Seashells Magnify Nature’s Glory,” Detroit Free Press, Keri Cohen, Sept. 1998 / Ceramics Monthly, “Poetic Portraits,” Gilda Oliver, May 1997, p. 53 / Ceramics Monthly, “Simple Mold and Reduced Lusters, Gilda Oliver,” Sept. 1995, p.71 / Sculpture Penelope’s Dream, bookcover, Marying the Sea, Janice K. Keiffer 1998