Loveed Fine Arts
Connects Ceramics
& Cruise Ships

Examples of Cruise Ship Commissions

"Raindrops & Moonlight" and "Golden Embers"
Margie Hughto
glazed ceramic wall relief with metallic luster glaze
Royal Caribbean/Silhouette of the Seas

"Shimmering Garden and Pond 1" and "Shimmering Garden and Pond 11"
Margie Hughto
2012, glazed ceramic wall relief with metallic luster glaze
Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Reflection/Cellar Master

"Moonlight Serenade"
Veronica Juyoun Byun
2010, 20 glazed ceramic elements with silver leaf
Royal Caribbean ship "Allure of the Seas"


"Celebration I" and "Celebration II"
Margie Hughto
2010, glazed ceramic wall relief
Royal Caribbean "Silhouette of the Seas"
Cellar Masters wine bar




Ceramic Tiles,
Shin Sang Ho,
Clayarch Gimhae Museum, 2006

Loveed Fine Arts, specializing for 20 years
in contemporary works of art, announces our commitment to ceramics and architecture. Several of our leading artists are involved in public and private commissions combining two traditions: ceramics and architecture.

International focus on this field of art is on the rise as technological progress allows new and innovative techniques to be applied in the development of modern architecture.

Shin Sang Ho’s newest contribution to this field is the Clayarch Gimhae Museum in Gimhae, Korea. Ole Lislerud, ceramic artist and architect, has produced more than 40 architectural or site specific projects. Margie Hughto’s subway installation on Cortlandt Street below the World Trade Center survived 9/11. Her installation at the Museum of Natural History subway station combines an artist’s commission with architectural integrity.

Shin Sang Ho,
Clayarch Gimhae Museum
Gimhae, Korea, 2006

Ole Lislerud
Tilde proposal,
Telenor Corporate Headquarters,
Oslo, Norway

“Trade, Treasure, and Travel”
Margie Hughto, Cortlandt Street Station,
New York City, 1997



Several of the artists we represent undertake public and private commissions. We very much welcome your inquiries since the range of commissioned works vary tremendously. Margie Hughto, for instance, has recently completed several private, corporate and public commissions over the past eighteen months. Her work - the ceramic tablets and the large wall reliefs - range in size and shape from small pieces to complex installations of architectural scale. Often the pieces are designed to be site specific and include particular themes relating to the region or building. Her ceramic reliefs and tile murals are primarily abstract although images of nature will materialize through imprints of marine life, plants, fossils and various stones. The artist, after careful evaluation of the project will conceive a miniature model that will serve as the basis for the final piece. This process allows a client's unique specifications to be met.

Examples of Public Commissions
by Margie Hughto

As described by Cynthia Torelli, the murals conceived for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) at the Cortlandt Street Station titled Trade, Treasure, Travel are "a glittering panorama of twelve interconnected ceramic tile murals in different sizes and shapes, ranging from three to 30 feet in length. The colorful three-dimensional ceramic reliefs were fabricated in Hughto's studio in Jamesville, New York.

Cortland Street Subway Station 
Completed May 1999
New York, New York
The murals are decorated with a panoply of objects symbolizing centuries of worldwide exploration and trade on land and sea. She has included many familiar manmade objects-buffalo nickels, ancient coins, compasses, keys, swords, trolley cars, a steamship passing under the Brooklyn Bridge-as well as natural and mythological creatures such as fish, turtles, camels, horses, lions and griffins. A huge rose compass based on an ancient celestial chart features a winged horse, a sphinx and a goddess, while a bull and bear compete as dominant images. The irregular edges of the murals lend a weathered, ancient quality to the artworks."


12.5 - 30 x 30 ft.
Niagra Frontier Transportation Authority
Buffalo, New York

A perfect example of a tile wall commission. (flat surface)

Examples of Private Commissions
by Margie Hughto

Ceramic Wall Relief Installation & (Detail)
32 x 50 in.
Private Residence, Arizona