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My work relates predominately to archaic forms, arches, walls and architecture and is based on porcelain panels and plaques where the subject matter deals with markings, signs, calligraphy and graffiti. By combining graphic and expressive painterly qualities, a tension is created between form and surface-between the archaic and the contemporary.

Born 1950, Greytown, South Africa

Ole Lislerud, a Professor at the Academy of Art and Design in Oslo, Norway, crosses the threshold of art and architecture in his large scale ceramic murals, “paintings”, plaques and panels. He has recently incorporated his drawings on glass to his architectural projects. His work becomes part of its architectural surroundings as he has over forty public commissions ranging from the Ivar Aasen Museum, the Museum of the New Norwegian Language, Orsta, Norway, the Ministry of Justice, Oslo, Norway to different corporate centers, schools and churches. Using clay as a painter’s surface, Lislerud combines in his work images from modern society with pieces of scripture, graffiti, biblical text and other social icons. He stirs the conscience and opposes old with new, intellectual with visual, creating a conglomeration of icons throughout time with a visual contrast assembled in one work. Recent panels were exhibited last year at the Today Art Museum in Beijing and are going to be on view in October 2009 at the Yingge Museum in Taiwan before traveling to the Gardner Museum in Toronto. Museum exhibitions are under consideration in the United States.

Recent Architectural Commissions

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