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"My aspiration is to recognize the rhythm of my natural element and the rhythm of the element I work with and to succeed in giving movement to that rhythm. I reflect upon the mystery of opposites and contemplate the harmony of black and white, fire and water, cold and heat in search for the right balance between them. I believe that creating contemporary ceramic work demand from the artist a sensibility to the changing world in order to reflect that change or movement using one’s own symbolic language."

Born 1956, Budapest, Hungary

1990 Parsons School of Design, NY, NY
1984 M.F.A. Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary
1979 Technical School of Ceramic, Budapest, Hungary
2002 International Design Network Foundation Award
1998, 96, 89 & 84 International Ceramic Studio Awards, Kecskemet, Hungary
1989, 88 & 87 Studio of Young Designers Awards, Budapest, Hungary

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